VRI Online Professional School

VRI online professional school is based on a combination of award-winning novel teaching methods developed by Prof. Eugene de Silva. The professional programs are delivered using Prof. Eugene de Silva’s widely published and presented “START” model.

VRI is proud to promote multidisciplinary research at all levels. We work to ensure that our specialized educational programs are designed to help you succeed!

Our faculty and staff are trained and qualified professionals who put students’ interests at the forefront of their teaching. Through multidisciplinary research methods, we strive to personalize course material to your interests.

Is VRI The Right Choice For You?

Here at VRI, our faculty and staff  include trained and fully qualified personnel who make it their number one priority to help you learn. VRI offers a professional diploma and separately also provides GED support for those who need it. Each diploma has different requirements that can be personalized to fit your personal learning needs. Our professional diploma covers all courses and subjects required to succeed in your chosen professional settings. Separately, our GED support offers extra guidance to those who need this first step before embarking on our professional diploma. VRI’s online professional school is open to any profession, which allows for maximum flexibility! Complete a professional diploma, while easily managing daily life activities. This unique opportunity makes learning easier and more fun.

VRI’s professional diploma can be obtained by combining your work experience with theoretical knowledge delivered by VRI faculty. Some of the popular diplomas are martial arts, management, manufacturing, business, accounts, and retail services.

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We would be seeking the accreditation through AdvanceED.


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